Baby before and after cleft lip surgery


Meet Bolortuya

Just one month old was just in time

Most newborns spend their first days blissfully unaware of life’s challenges and complications. But for baby Bolortuya and her family, those first few days were a constant struggle.

Born with a severe cleft, Bolortuya had trouble feeding and was starting to become dangerously malnourished – a scenario that is sadly all too common for families with no access to support. She needed specialist intervention before it was too late.

Ashuza Bahati, 11 months, before and after cleft surgery

The life changing feeding spoon

When Smile Train’s Mongolian comprehensive cleft care partner intervened – at just one month old – Bolortuya immediately began pre-surgical infant orthopedics at the hospital. And with the help of a special feeding spoon, she soon gained weight – all while her large cleft became smaller and more aligned for surgery. 

Thanks to Haleon funding support, Bolortuya received the timely and safe surgeries she so desperately needed.