Man and child with cleft lip


Meet Rahmad

Giving by example

We all do our best work when we have something personally invested in it. That’s certainly true for Rahmad.

At one time, Rahmad was a cleft patient – so he understands first-hand the physical and emotional challenges that families face when their baby is born with a cleft. Now he works as a community mobilizer for one of Smile Train’s partner hospitals in Indonesia and has dedicated his career to helping other patients and families.

From patient to advocate

Rahmad had the chance to benefit from free surgery and comprehensive cleft care. He now travels to remote communities to teach people about cleft and how patients can access free surgery and essential cleft treatment through Smile Train – a job he loves.

“It’s a message that people are very grateful to receive.”

He brings posters and brochures to help with the education process; and he uses himself as a “living example” ­– so parents can literally see the results for themselves. Rahmad says this helps tremendously in motivating people to seek hospital treatment for their child.

A visible difference

Rahmad is so happy to see the children receive free cleft care. He regularly travels with patients from their villages to the hospitals and helps them get home again after surgery.

Rahmad’s aim is to ensure all cleft patients in his province receive care and benefit from forever smiles and new hope, just like he experienced.